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Vision & Mission


The Mission Statement of the Department of Interior Architecture

The mission of the Department of Interior Architecture is to educate the interior architect candidates with knowledge necessary to contribute to the creation of better environments for human beings. The Department offers a multi-disciplinary education with high quality at international standards in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere enriched by social and professional activities. Through a student-centered education model based on one-to-one communication, the department aims at educating creative interior architects compatible of using the latest technologies, equipped with the knowledge about the latest  developments in the field, and respectable to human-being and environmental and ethical values.


Departmental Facilities

 Well-equipped studios, classes, wireless internet facilities all over the University,  central library with a rich collection of books, magazines and data bases, and the Faculty library as well as photography, modeling, computer, ceramic, and material laboratories are all in service of our students. Although there is a constant increase in the number of our students, this does not prevent individual attention to be given to each of our students; thus the warm student-academic staff relationships and low student/instructor ratio encourage students to discuss their personal ideas freely in the studio environment.   


Teaching and learning 

 Our undergraduate programs, the studio and theoretic courses are all formed to educate well-equipped interior architects. All the academic staff of the Faculty work in collaboration to achieve unity and quality and in the educational activities. This diversity leads to a flexible program which allows students to choose among a wide range of elective courses those related to their own fields of interest. Besides the formal education, numerous artistic, academic and social activities are also organized in the Department. These activities allow students to experience their profession in a wider perspective. The visual and verbal presentation based evaluation system in the studio courses which are the core of the program, aims at enhancing the self-confidence of the students as well as their presentation skills. Emphasis on teamwork is another important characteristic of the program worth to be mentioned.


About the Degree Program

The foundation first year is common in our Faculty. After this first year students engage in the specialized program of their departments. Interior Design Studio courses are the backbone of the program. In these studios students gradually learn to solve the problems they may face as an professional interior architect through designing interior spaces with various functions and in different contexts. The theoretical courses are planned to support this process. The wide range of our Presentation Techniques and Computer Aided Design courses empowers our students in presenting their design ideas in the best way. Elective courses are the other very important components of the program which allows students to specialize in different areas.


Career opportunity

With the professional qualities, knowledge and vision that our graduates obtain throughout their educational lives, they would have no problem in creating a perfect career for themselves in future in a wide range of services related to their profession. Interior Architecture has wide application areas.  Interior architects can work in design studios or architectural offices together with a team consisting of architects, civil engineers and other related professions in design of new buildings or they may individually work in changing, renovating or re-functioning of the existing ones. They may work on design of the interior spaces with various natures such as: showrooms, fairs, exhibitions, stages, yachts, planes etc. or they might specialize on design of furniture, illumination devices, modular systems, kitchen cabinets, etc.


Activities / Major Accomplishments

The Department is a member in most important international organizations in the field such as IIDA (International Interior Design Association), and IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers). Moreover, the Department of Interior Architecture, continuously organizes various cultural, social, artistic and scientific activities. As a part of summer practice students have a chance to participate in several technical, cultural and professional trips organized both within the country and abroad. Beside the seminars and conferences organized during the year, annual International Design weeks of the Faculty give an opportunity to our students to join in various workshops, talks, and activities and it becomes the meeting place of our students with a number of well-known designers from all over the world.


Scholarship Opportunities 



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AQAS – Agency for Quality Assurance 

EMU Interior Architecture Department has AQAS accreditation.



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IFI: International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers

EMU Interior Architecture Department is a member of IFI.




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